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Austria National Soccer Team

Austria National Soccer Team
Information, greatest players, jerseys, pictures and more

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Austria National Soccer Team

Original jersey colors: red and white

Alternate jersey colors: black and red

Nickname: -

Confederation: UEFA (Union des Associations Européennes de Football; Union of European Football Associations)

National Confederation:

OFB Logo ÖFB (Österreichischer Fussball-Bund;
Austrian Football Association)

Tournaments: UEFA European Championship

Titles won: Olympic Silver Medal 1936

Greatest players: Harald Cerny, Wolfgang Feiersinger, Hans Krankl, Dietmar Kühbauer, Gerhard Hanappi, Ernst Happel, Andreas Herzog, Anton Pfeffer, Toni Polster, Erich Probst, Herbert Prohaska, Matthias Sindelar, Ivica Vastic, Michael Konsel, Roland Kollmann, Toni Fritsch, Ernst Ocwirk, Franz Hasil, Walter Zemann, Franz Binder, Fritz Gschweidl, Rudi Hiden, Robert Körner, Alfred Körner, Friedl Koncilia, Josef Uridil, Johann Horvath, Anton Schall, Erich Hof, Walter Schachner, Wilhelm Kreuz, Bruno Pezzey, Karl Koller, Josef Blum, Karl Decker, Josef Smistik, Walter Nausch, Kurt Jara, Karl Sesta, Alois Vogel

World Cup Information:

World Cups organized: None

World Cup appearances: (8)
1934, Fourth Place
1938, Didn't Play
1954, Third Place
1958, Lost in First Round
1978, Lost in Second Round
1982, Lost in Second Round
1990, Lost in First Round
1998, Lost in First Round

World Cup absences: (10)
1930, Didn't Enter
1950, Withdrew
1962, Withdrew
1966, Didn't Qualify
1970, Didn't Qualify
1974, Didn't Qualify
1986, Didn't Qualify
1994, Didn't Qualify
2002, Didn't Qualify
2006, Didn't Qualify

Historical World Cup statistics:

Ranking Champion World Cups PTS P W D L GS GA Dif
16 - 8 40 29 12 4 13 43 49 -6

Austria National Team Pictures and Posters:

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* This Austria National Team soccer profile was updated in April 2008.

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