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Switzerland National Soccer Team

Switzerland National Soccer Team
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Switzerland Soccer Jerseys

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Switzerland National Soccer Team Jersey, home, 2008-2009, made by Puma
Switzerland National Soccer Team Jersey, home, 2008-2009, made by Puma
Switzerland National Soccer Team Jersey, home, 2008-2009, made by Puma
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Switzerland National Flag

Switzerland National Soccer Team

Original jersey colors: red and white

Alternate jersey colors: white and red

Nickname: "nati"

Confederation: UEFA (Union des Associations Européennes de Football; Union of European Football Associations)

National Confederation:

SFV/ASF Logo SFV/ASF (Schweizerischer Fussball Verband - Association Suisse of Football)

Tournaments: UEFA European Championship

Titles won: Olympic Silver Medal 1924

Greatest players: Max Abegglen, René Bader, Robert Ballaman, Tranquillo Barnetta, Valon Behrami, Bruno Berner, Diego Benaglio, Alfred Bickel, Thomas Bickel, Fabrice Borer, George Brégy, Thomas Brunner, Stéphane Chapuisat, Ricardo Cabanas, Fabio Coltorti, Fabio Celestini, Mario Cantaluppi, Philipp Degen, David Degen, Johan Djourou, Blerim Dzemaili, Andy Egli, Alexander Frei, Sebastien Fournier, Jacques Fatton, Alain Geiger, Daniel Gygax, Stéphane Grichting, Marco Grassi, Bernt Haas, Heinz Hermann, Stéphane Henchoz, Dominique Herr, Marc Hottiger, Benjamin Huggel, Sepp Huegi, Willy Jäggi, Adrian Knup, Jakob "Kobi" Kuhn, Leopold Kielholz, Mauro Lustrinelli, Stéphane Lehmann, Ludovic Magnin, Joël Magnin, Patrick Müller, Xavier Margairaz, Christophe Ohrel, Marco Pascolo, Yvan Quentin, René Pierre Quentin, Alexandre Rey, Martin Rueda, Milaim Rama, Philippe Senderos, Christoph Spycher, Ciriaco Sforza, Willi Steffen, Jörg Stiel, Jürg Studer, Marco Streller, Nestor Subiat, Alain Sutter, Patrick Sylvestre, Heinz Schneiter, Kubilay Türkyilmaz, Johan Vonlanthen, Johann Vogel, Ramon Vega, Raphaël Wicky, Thomas Wyss, Rolf Wuethrich, Hakan Yakin, Murat Yakin, Pascal Zuberbühler, Marc Zellweger, Marco Zwyssig

World Cup Information:

World Cups organized: 1954

World Cup appearances: (9)
1934, Lost in Quarterfinals
1938, Lost in Quarterfinals
1950, Lost in First Round
1954, Lost in First Round
1962, Lost in First Round
1966, Lost in First Round
1994, Lost in 1/8 Finals
2006, Lost in 1/8 Finals
2010, Lost in First Round

World Cup absences: (10)
1930, Didn't Enter
1958, Didn't Qualify
1970, Didn't Qualify
1974, Didn't Qualify
1978, Didn't Qualify
1982, Didn't Qualify
1986, Didn't Qualify
1990, Didn't Qualify
1998, Didn't Qualify
2002, Didn't Qualify

Historical World Cup statistics:

Ranking Champion World Cups PTS P W D L GS GA Dif
21 - 9 33 29 9 6 14 38 52 -14

Switzeland National Team Pictures and Posters:

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* This Switzerland National Team soccer profile was updated in April 2008.

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