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Top Soccer Teams: Real Betis
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Real Betis soccer Jersey
Real Betis   soccer Jersey
Real Betis soccer Jersey

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Team: Real Betis

Full name: : Real Betis Balompié

Real Betis logo  

Foundation year: 1907

Original jersey colors: white and green

Alternate jersey colors: green and white

Nickname: 'Verdolagas'

Country: Spain Flag Spain

National Confederation:

Royal Spanish Football Federation Logo RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation)

Possible Competitions:

Local Tournaments: Spanish League, Copa del Rey, Spanish Super Cup
International Tournaments: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, European Super Cup, Club World Championship

Titles Won:

International Tournaments: ninguno

National Tournaments: 3

- Copa del Rey: (2) 1977, 2005

Greatest players: , Gabriel Humberto Calderon, Martín Palermo, Alfredo Rojas, Ronny Gaspercic, Faruk Hadzibegic, Denílson, Robert de Pinho de Souza, Ricardo Oliveira, Diego Tardelli, Trifon Ivanov, Robert Jarni, Nenad Bjelica, Michel Pavon, Joey Gudjonsson, Finidi George, Victor Ikpeba, Celso Ayala, Wojciejck Kowalscky, Joao Tomás, Miroslav Karhan, Alfonso Pérez, Alexis Trujillo, Gordillo, Hipolito Rincon, Cardeñosa, Esnaola, Luis Aragonés, Luis del Sol, Johnny Ekstrom, Tab Ramos

Stadium Info:
Name: Estadio Benito Villamarín
Address: Avda. de la Palmera s/n, Sevilla
Capacity: 56,500
Tel: +34 902 19 1907

Official Website: www.realbetisbalompie.es

Official E-mail:

Real Betis soccer pictures:

Real Betis Picture Gallery

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