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Top Soccer Teams: Danubio
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Team: Danubio

Full name: : Danubio Fútbol Club

Danubio logo  

Foundation year: 1932

Original jersey colors: white and black

Alternate jersey colors: black and grey

Nickname: La Franja, Danu, La Curva (The Sash)

Country: Uruguay Flag Uruguay

National Confederation:

Uruguayan Football Association Logo AUF (Uruguayan Football Association)

Possible Competitions:

Local Tournaments: Uruguayan Tournament
International Tournaments: Libertadores Cup, South American Cup, South American Recopa, Suruga Bank Championship, Club World Championship

Titles Won:

International Tournaments: ninguno

National Tournaments: 4

- First Division Championship: (4) 1988, 2004, 2007, 2014

Others Tournaments:
Second Division: (3) 1945, 1960, 1970
Third Division: (1) 1943

Greatest players: , Nestor Carballo, Hector Silva, Araquem De Mello, Lorenzo Carrabs, Sergio Santin, Eliseo Rivero, Nelson Alaguich, Ruben Sosa, Javier Zeoli, Gustavo Dalto, Eber Moas, Ruben Da Silva, Edgar Borges, Julio Rodriguez, Alvaro Recoba, Inti Podesta, Marcelo Zalayeta, Fabian Carini, Ernesto Chevanton, Jadson Viera, Pablo Lima, Ignacio Gonzalez, Walter Gargano, Diego Perrone

Stadium Info:
Name: Jardines del Hipódromo
Address: Avenida Dr. Carlos Ney y Avenida Acrópolis, Montevideo
Capacity: 18,000
Tel: -

Official Website: www.danubio.org.uy

Official E-mail: comunicacion@danubio.org.uy

Danubio soccer pictures:

Danubio Picture Gallery

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