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FA Cup, Summary

Information about English Soccer champions including summary, logos, links and other data.

Champions by Year

Último Campeón:
Champion 2016-17
Campeones Anteriores:
Arsenal Logo Arsenal
- 2014-15
Arsenal Logo Arsenal
- 2013-14
Wigan Athletic Logo Wigan Athletic
- 2012-13
Chelsea Logo Chelsea
- 2011-12
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Titles by Team

Equipo con más Títulos:
13 Titles
Más Equipos Campeones:
Manchester United Logo Manchester United - 12 Titles
Tottenham Hotspur Logo Tottenham Hotspur - 8 Titles
Aston Villa Logo Aston Villa - 7 Titles
Chelsea Logo Chelsea - 7 Titles
Liverpool Logo Liverpool - 7 Titles
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